Andy Kim, Nancy Pelosi Plan Fails to Stop Trump’s Border Emergency


WASHINGTON, D.C.- Toms River Congressman Andy Kim said he was going to vote to stop President Donald Trump’s emergency declaration at the southern border, a measure sponsored by one of his key congressional allies, Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday.

That’s exactly what he and other obstructionist progressives Democrats did, but the vote was a political disaster for Kim, Pelosi and their party.

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“Later today, I’m going to vote with my Democratic and Republican colleagues for a bipartisan resolution that will block the national emergency declaration,” Kim said ahead of the vote. “I wanted to share my thoughts on why. From standing up for the separation of powers outlined in our Constitution to protecting critical funding for our Joint Base, my vote reflects the concerns and thoughts I’ve heard from you.”

During the morning hours ahead of the vote, Kim’s D.C. office was flooded with phone calls from upset Ocean County residents protesting the Congressman’s actions against the security and safety of his community.

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Although the measure passed by a 245-182 vote, it was a political failure, failing to secure enough votes to make it veto-proof.


If the bill ever does reach the President’s desk, he would veto it.  Without sufficient support from the Republican Senate, the bill is dead on arrival and Trump’s border crisis emergency declaration continues uninterrupted.

Andy Kim, New Jersey’s newly elected Congressman has failed in his first official attempt to block the actions of President Donald J. Trump.