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Not Just Alvarez…Murphy’s SDA a Haven for Political and Personal Patronage Jobs?

TRENTON-Nobody knows who hired accused rapist Al Alvarez at the New Jersey School Development Authority, but this week, there’s another scandal coming from the agency responsible for construction projects in 31 New Jersey school districts.

Read full report at the Bergen Record.

Last year, Al Alvarez, who has been accused of raping Phil Murphy campaign worker Katie Brennan was provided a six month sanctuary with the SDA.

The SDA is headed by the vice-president of the New Jersey Democrat Party Lizette Delgago-Polanco and is governed by a public board headed by NJ State PBA Lobbyist and Jackson Township Councilman, Chairman Robert Nixon.

According to published reports. Delgado-Polanco hired her second cousin and the mother of her grandchild at the authority.

Since taking office, she terminated 26 employees, replacing some of them with friends and family.   Between August 2018 and this month, the agency has hired 38 people whose combined salaries equal $3.3 million.

“Current and former employees said they view the restructuring as a front for patronage and fear that what they call the relative inexperience of many new hires could put the authority on a path leading to familiar troubles,” the Bergen Record reported on the scandal.

One new hire even had a past accusation of sexual harrassment in a public job.

Nixon has served on the SDA Board of Directors since 2012, after being appointed by former Governor Jon Corzine.





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