Hypocrite Champagne Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Not Taking the End of the World Seriously

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WASHINGTON, D.C-From high atop a luxury apartment complex, complete with an infinity pool and hydro-massage stations in a gentrified neighborhood of the nation’s capital, freshman congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not taking the end of the world seriously…and she’s being called out on it.

And she can’t take it.

“Like, we have 12 years to live…and like stop eating hamburgers because of, you know, cow farts” Cortez said before introducing her Green New Deal to save humanity from the evils of capitalism and commercialism.

Since that time, Cortez has shown the world how little she really knows and how little she really cares about shrinking her own carbon footprint to help save the world.   Every little bit counts, but she won’t be the first to start walking the footpath to her Green New Deal.

That’s YOUR job. She’s like…an important somebody now.

But as she tells us to stop eating beef, take trains, live modestly, she has been doing the exact opposite.  Cow farts.  She can’t even stop her campaign staff from letting cow farts destroy the world according to this photo by Caleb Hull, who first posted pictures of “That creepy dude taking pictures of me eating my food”.  Where’s the beef?


According to the New York Post, after her role in gentrifying a once diverse D.C. neighborhood, the congresswoman also enjoys gas guzzling SUV’s over mass transit and her campaign team isn’t quite ready to do their own part to reduce carbon emissions.

Again, that’s YOUR job…she’s got like…important things going on.

Like, should we even like…be having babies?

She constantly complains on Twitter, wondering why nobody really takes her seriously.  How can we possibly do that?  We’re not people on the brink of political death who feel that in order to survive, they must hang on your every word.  You know, the likes of Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi who each have one foot in their own political coffins.

She’s completely unaware, apparently that her whole Chicken Little routine has been done before…many times.  She puts 1990’s Al Gore to shame, who by the way has been crying end of the world long before AOC was even born.

In 1989, the United Nations sounded a global warning on global warming.  If global warming isn’t checked, the world would end by the year 2000.  Lots of things were going to end the world in the year 2000, including bad computer programming, but that’s a whole other story.

It warned of coastal flooding and crop failures of biblical proportions that would create “Eco Refugees”.   It gave governments a 10 year window to fix the world and fix the “greenhouse effect”.

The only refugees today are the ones trying to escape deplorable living conditions and starvation in failed socialist nations.

By the year 2000, polar ice caps were to have completely melted away and ocean levels would have raised by three feet.  In fact, the Maldives and other “flat island” nations should have been under water by now.

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The only thing melting today is the credibility of this new socialist enriched Democrat party, or by their more proper name, communists.

The world’s temperature in 2000 was supposed to have been raised by 7 degrees.

It’s now 20 years beyond the original “end of the world” scenario and things today are much better than they were in 1989.

You know…like…cow farts.

So why aren’t the masses running for cover after a 29-year-old career bartender turned congresswoman pushes the panic button?    Mostly because she comes off as a spoiled brat who will put fellow Democrats on primary election “hit-lists” if they don’t vote with the politburo, but also because she’s a fraud.  She’s textbook champagne socialist with no clue as to how the world really works…and we love her for it…because she’s going to be the death of the Democrat party in America.

Even Ocasio-Cortez says she can’t even do what she asks others to do.    She lives in a city with one of the world’s most convenient mass transit systems, the NYC Subway, but instead took 1,049 car service rides totaling over $23,000 during her campaign.  Can you really blame her?  Right across the street from her campaign office, like this one illegal immigrant MS-13 dude, like pulled out a gun and executed the other illegal immigrant MS-13 dude subway platform. It was like broad daylight.  Like, she lives there.  It’s like…real for her.

She can’t even tell a true story about where she lives…again…another story for another day, because you know like, dudes with guns are after her.

Just this week, she jumped into a gas-guzzling SUV.

“I also fly and use AC,”  she Tweeted Friday night. “Living in the world as it is isn’t an argument against working towards a better future.”

She’s too much even for Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore, who called her a popmous little twit.

And then…the twit tweeted.

She mocked the NY Post’s accurate depiction of her hypocrisy the only way she knows how…on Twitter as she high-tailed it back to her upscale life in her gentrified D.C. neighborhood.

The real question is whether @AOC will make it through her two years as congresswoman before completely losing her mind because after her first two months, she’s almost there.

She should feel comfort in knowing that not everyone on the right wants to see her fail and fall on her face.  She does have a fan…you know…like…that racist orange dude who calls himself the President.

Trump fully embraces AOC’s Green New Deal as all Republicans should.