BREAKING: Accused Rapegate Rapist Alvarez Pulled the Trigger, Firing 17 SDA Employees Back in September, Employees Claim

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 TRENTON-Just two days before a meeting to be held by the executive board of the New Jersey School Development Authority, fired employees today shared a memo with Shore News Network penned by accused rapist Al Alvarez.

The media has been reporting CEO Lizette Delgado Polanco was the ax woman behind the firings of 17 long time employees with the SDA, but it was in fact accused rapist, Al Alvarez who dropped the bomb on the employees, under Delgado-Polanco’s watch.

In the September 20th memo received tonight, Alvarez called for a “Mandatory Meeting” with a very ominous overtone.

“Please be advised that if you are receiving this email your presence is required today for a mandatory meeting taking place at 3pm,” Alvarez, not Delgado-Polanco wrote. “The meeting will take place in the SDA board conference room on the first floor.”

Memo from Al Alvarez to SDA employees prior to termination. Media has full rights to share this memo. Please credit us 🙂

Alvarez, who is accused of raping former Phil Murphy Staffer Katie Brennan then gave the employees a bit more.

“The meeting will take you through the end of the workday, accordingly, please bring down all of your personal belongings with you,” he wrote. “Ie, keys, purses, etc.”

After meeting face to face with the 11 employees, many longtime workers at the SDA, Alvarez personally terminated their employment according to one of those workers.

The employees were given 15 minutes to then vacate the state office once the meeting concluded.

Neither Delgado-Polanco nor SDA Chairman Robert Nixon was present at the meeting.  HR director Maribel Osnoyo Lytle was at the meeting. Lytle was fired a month later, reportedly for questioning the legality of the firings.

A few weeks later, Alvarez himself was reportedly forced out after the rapge gate coverup was uncovered by the media and Alvarez was accused of raping former co-worker, Brennan.

Nixon has thus far refused to answer questions from Shore News Network regarding the firings and at least one fired employee who tried to contact him regarding the September 2018 firings.  Nixon, a Republican councilman in Jackson Township and lobbyist for the New Jersey State PBA has thus far refused to comment on the affair.

The board meets again on Wednesday at 9am at 32 East Front Street in Trenton.  The meeting is open to the public.  Fired employees have indicated they will make their presence in unity at the hearing.

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