Toms River Republican Leadership Takes on Trenton to Fight Murphy’s School Funding Disaster

TRENTON-Last year, Governor Phil Murphy’s state budget decimated funding for Toms River’s regional school district.  Now, Toms River Republicans are stepping up to the plate to help the students and faculty who keep the engine running within the school district.

This week, Councilman Dan Rodrick and Mo Hill boarded the buses at Toms River High School North with teachers and faculty and headed to Trenton.  They went to join the teachers and students to protest the draconian state cuts in school aid for Toms River.

“The students and teachers were very vocal in their call for restoration of State aid to Toms River and other suburban districts. We appreciate the strong support from the Toms River community,” the Republican Club said in a statement on Facebook.

Toms River and other shore area school districts saw funding cuts under the administration of Democrat Governor Phil Murphy.

Toms River GOP Councilman Daniel Rodrick and Maurice Hill.



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