America’s Top Democrat Just Said Illegal Aliens Are Her Constituents, Admitting Party Intent to Legalize the Illegal Voting Bloc

WASHINGTON, D.C.-From high atop the swank Agora apartment complex in the gentrified D.C. shipyard neighborhood, Democratic Socialist Alexandria “Sandy” Ocasio-Cortez has taken her place at the head of the table for the Democrat party.    Last week as her hate-filled racist rhetoric continued against white America, she admitted what the more seasoned and intelligent Democrats around her have tried to hide for years…their party’s real agenda.

Illegal aliens are the new constituency of the Democrat Party.  She said it and as the rightful heir to the party’s throne, it is doctrine.  The doctrine that not even party figurehead Nancy Pelosi can deny.  This was evidenced by a Congressional vote that completely ignored Republican Congressman, Texan Dan Crenshaw who put a motion on the house floor that would have closed the door on the prospect of illegal aliens voting in municipal and state elections.

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In New Jersey, her Justice Democrat platform reach and influence is evident as even former Barrack Obama insider, Congressman Andy Kim also voted against the measure that would bar illegal aliens from voting in small-town elections across the country.   Kim, like many of the other radical progressive liberals who won congressional seats in Congress, has maintained his far-left political voting line since taking office in January.

While Kim struggles daily to project a credible above-the-fray image as a bi-partisan congressman, despite his past history of encouraging leftist radicalism, his partner in Congress, Ocasio-Cortez has routinely gone off the deep end showing the party’s hand openly despite best efforts by others to hide their hand from the public eye.

Cortez has, most likely, prematurely launched the Democrat’s anti-white platform, which could have major consequences around the country for Democrats trying to sneak through the door one more time in local elections nationwide. She has gone from just pushing “Puerto Rican Power” to demonizing the “white man” in many of her recent tweets, taking on the role of victim, blaming “Old white dudes” for all of the world’s problems.   Soon, she’ll probably start tossing out derogatory “anti-boomer” tweets like many of her young socialist followers.

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As far as her calling illegal aliens, her “constituents”, it’s one more example of why this champagne socialist does not understand how America works.   By definition, a constituent is a person who wields power through their ability to vote.   Since illegal aliens cannot legally vote in America, they are not her constituents.  They are people who have broken into America, cut in front of the legal citizenship line and do not have any legal ownership to the American Dream, which if socialists like Cortez have any say, will soon turn into the American nightmare.

Democrats realize they are on the ropes and the fingers of Cortez are far more dangerous than the early tweeting tendencies of President Donald J. Trump to their party.  That’s why they are going full steam trying to rally a new voting base, illegal immigrants and 16-year-olds, because America is realizing the direction the Democrat party is going these days evidenced by the many “walk away” campaigns that have emerged in recent years.

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