Jersey Democrat Fulop Spikes the Football On Anti-Business Tax Shakedown in Jersey City


JERSEY CITY-Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop just scored a progressive Democrat touchdown, forcing businesses that have already invested millions, sometimes billions into the resurgence of his city.   That victory comes in the form of a court ruling that would force all employers in the city to pony up a 1% city payroll tax.   Once one of the dregs of the Garden State, Jersey City has come a long way since the 1980’s, mostly through corporate investment in the city.

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Now, Fulop is making business pay for the deficient state and local government in his city.

“Big win for us and our schools. Our legal team did a nice job here on an important issue here that will impact JC for decades,” Fulop said. “The decision is in on Jersey City Payroll Tax lawsuit as it was Jersey City vs the larger corporations. The corporations fought us arguing that a 1% payroll tax on the employer dedicated to support Jersey City Public Schools is not legal. Well – guess what the decision is in and it IS legal.”

Fulop event went on to blame corporations in his city for his city’s educational funding failures.   He also blamed President Donald J. Trump, taking a page out of the Democrat’s victimhood playbook.

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“My feelings continue to be that there is no reason these corporations shouldn’t participate in larger issues that impact the city where they are located – especially after they all benefited from the Trump tax cut this is not a big number to them but it is very helpful to our kids,” he added “This will help JC schools with approximately $70+ million in additional funding per year.”