Ocasio-Cortez Hates White Men…They’re Apparently Not Fond of Her Either

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D.C. Ship Yard District – New York Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez is upset this week after learning that she is not the political heroine that she was hoping to be for America.  In fact, according to a new Gallup poll released last week, she’s no different than any of her peers in Congress.

You can view the poll results here.

“Despite her undeniable uniqueness, Ocasio-Cortez’s image is now much like most of her congressional peers, whose negative ratings generally outweigh their positive ones,” Gallup said.  “[Americans]  view of her has become slightly more negative than positive.”

The poll doesn’t say why, but it revealed that although she has a bias, which could almost be described as hatred toward white people in America, it’s not just rich, old Republicans who are losing patience with the young socialist pushing to bankrupt America with an insane $93 trillion hail mary Green New Deal, because, after all, if we don’t implement her way, it’s the highway…and the end of the world in just twelve years.

Nearly across the board, Americans are moving into Ocasio’s red zone.   She lost favorability with adults nationwide, Republicans and independents.  Both men and women have expressed lower approval ratings since Gallup’s last @AOC poll last September.  After blaming most of America’s woes on white people, Republicans, and the ever so disgusting “Boomers” as she and her followers call them in disdain, she’s also losing ground with white people, showing a 15% drop in her approval rating since September in that demographic.

None of it matters for Cortez who recently certified that her constituents are illegal aliens living in Queens and the Bronx, so at the end of the day, to get re-elected, that’s all she needs to focus on…except for one small problem…it will be interesting to see how she does in her next election after costing her community 25,000 high paying Amazon jobs.

Cortez who champions herself as the leader of the millennial segment of America also had some spillage in the 18 to 34 demographic, with a 7% drop in her approval ratings…probably just the white dudes though.

One thing is evident, outside of the Democrat party and Nancy Pelosi, America is losing their patience with the young champagne socialist who now cries racial injustice, white privilege and has increased her racially biased attacks against white people in America in recent weeks.

Apparently, anyone who is white and doesn’t agree with her Marxist agenda is labeled as a white supremacist white dude.   Anyone who thinks $93 trillion to stop cows from farting is bigoted.

Ocasio…America now has your number.   No amount of tweet-shaming us as “racists” is going to make us think you’re anything but ignorant champagne socialist with a bad idea.  The reality is, you wouldn’t win an election outside of your own district…and probably won’t win again in 2019, so sit back, enjoy the ride and find a way to funnel more money into your own bank account like your peers…because you won’t have as long as Nancy did to accumulate her wealth, especially when it’s not white Republicans who are your biggest threat…but your own party who is already plotting your defeat, because you’re even too much for “Centrist” Democrats and even center-left Democrats to stomach.