Phil Murphy’s Legal Marijuana Vote Goes Up In Smoke


TRENTON-Governor Phil Murphy made two promises to his base during the 2017 Gubernatorial election.  First, he said he would rais taxes in New Jersey.  Mission accomplished.

Second, he promised many of his younger voters that he would legalize marijuana in New Jersey.

On that front, he has failed often, including today, when an anticipated vote seemed a sure thing, but he couldn’t even get all of the members of his own party on board.

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Due to lack of support in the New Jersey legislature, Murphy and his Democrat allies pulled Monday’s weed vote off the table after realizing they did not have the support in state government to pass the bills into law.

Now, some lawmakers say that another vote might not be likely until after this year’s November elections when all 80 seats in the New Jersey Assembly are up for grabs.


Democrats could use today’s defeat as a campaign rallying cry against Republicans, despite the party having the majority in both the Senate and Legislature, along with Murphy as Governor to sign the measure into law.

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For now, one of Murphy’s primary campaign promises remains “in the weeds”.