New Jersey Congressman Andy Kim Votes for Open Borders, Fails

TOMS RIVER,NJ-New Jersey Congressman Andy Kim on Tuesday cast his vote for open borders and voted to overturn a veto against President Donald J. Trump’s emergency declaration at the southern bordern with Mexico.

Kim, like his fellow Democrats in Congress has so far sidestepped the issue of border security in America, but through his votes in Congress, it looks like he too doesn’t believe there is a border crisis along the Mexican border.

Since taking office, Kim has been vocal on the issues he faces in Congress, but silent on border security which reamains a huge concern in his 3rd congressional district in New Jersey.  That district leans predominantly Republican, so Kim will remain under a microscrope as long as he pushes the agenda of the progressive left.

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He did not take to Twitter or Facebook to promote his vote against border security, instead chose to continue sidestepping the issue.  He shifted his focus to healthcare and storytime at the Toms River Regional School District.

The vote to override President Trump’s veto in favor of, reversing Trump’s border emergency declaration failed to pass in the house, giving Kim and his fellow congressional progressives another loss on the house floor, which they are the controlling party.



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