Petition to Recall New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy Approved by State

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TRENTON,NJ-The State of New Jersey has approved a renewed petiton to recall Governor Phil Murphy.  Now, the governor has five days to respond to the petition.

After several earlier attempts were rejected by the state, a new recall committee, as stated on the official petition filed with the state consists of Dr. Jenna M. Evans, Chairman of the South Jersey Young Republicans, Eric J. Shuttleworth, and Monica Brinson, former Gubernatorial candidate received the approval to recall the governor late Friday afternoon.

Three people who wanted to go head to head in the 2017 election against Murphy, Brinson and Joseph Rullo have indicated their support for the petition.   Brinson was a Democrat primary challenger to Murphy while Rullo was a Republican challenger to Kim Guadagno.

Now the two are traveling across New Jersey speaking to their audience and local political organizations to rally a unified front against the Governor.

When asked about the approved petition, another former Gubernatorial candidate Hirsh Singh gave his approval.

“The petition was approved to finish off a week of bombshell national and local news including the Vindication of President Trump on the collusion delusion, the corrupt dropping of all felony charges against Race baiting hoaxer Jesse Smollett, and the March on Trenton,” Singh said.

The committee is supported by a bi-partisan amalgamation grassroots and establishment leaders from across the state that are sick of the extreme left wing agenda pushed onto New Jersey citizens.

Phil Murphy’s approval ratings have dropped since he has adopted many progressive socialist policies in New Jersey, but when the Governor declared New Jersey a sanctuary state through a directive by Attorney General Gurbir Grewal, the people involved in the effort said enough was enough, thus a petition committee was formed.  That early committee had some troubles navigating through Trenton’s red tape and their initial petition was rejected. Now, with the help of the greater grass roots community, they were able to draft a petition that would pass the scrutinity of Murphy beuaracrats in Trenton scouring the document for grounds for rejection.

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The committee says it will next begin organizing the effort to get signatures, over 1.4 million, which are needed to put a recall vote on a future election ballot.

“Everyone in New Jersey is sick and tired of being sick and tired,” Rullo said at a March Against Murphy Rally in Trenton earlier this month. “I will completely support this petition committee and use my social media following of over 150,000 New Jerseyeans with a reach of more than 5 million readers to make sure this gets done.”

Rullo, during his campaign often told his voters, “If you think Chris Christie was bad, wait until you see Phil Murphy.”   He lost his primary election but has stayed involved as a spokesperson rallying grassroots support against Murphy’s progressive tax and spend agenda since.

Once Murphy issues his formal response to the petition, the committee will be working around the state, with the aid of volunteers to ensure that the daunting task of collecting more than 1.4 million signatures can be completed and submitted accordingly.

How to get involved and help to Recall Phil Murphy…

While the grassroots effort to unite New Jerseyeans against Murphy is in its infancy, here are some places where you can get information on the petition: