Bill Spadea: Grassroots Effort to Recall Governor Phil Murphy a “Waste of Time”


TRENTON-The public mouthpiece of the New Jersey Republican establishment, NJ 101.5 radio host Bill Spadea on Tuesday told his audience of 73 Facetime live viewers that seat belts in cars for dogs is a far more important conversation to have than a plan to rid New Jersey of Governor Phil Murphy.

Spadea, while passionately discussing seat belts for dogs was asked if he would be discussing more important topics on his show, like the impending recall of Governor Phil Murphy.

Spadea was straight up, AOC in his response.

“The dog conversation is an incredibly important conversation to have,” Spadea said when asked if the topic of seatbelts for dogs was the most pressing issue in the Garden State right now.  “You can actually do jail time.”

Cow farts.  Recall Phil Murphy.

Let’s face it.  We all have pets and dog safety in our vehicles is very important topic, but more important right now is how an illegal alien just murdered a park jogger in Jersey City because of Phil Murphy’s dangerous sanctuary state.  More important than that is in the days after this murder, our Governor and his Attorney General Gurbir Grewal doubled down against President Donald Trump’s border wall.

“If you think the Phil Murphy recall petition is a serious topic, then you should not be listening to me,” Spadea said. “I am not going to promote something that is just making a couple of people feel good on social media.”

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“You are not going to recall the governor,” Spadea said. “It doesn’t make any sense. Let the federal government do their job and go after these guys legally.  Let the voters do their job.”

The only problem with Spadea’s plan is that it’s the exact reason why New Jersey is in the mess it’s in now.  The federal government has not been able to do its job. Neither have the voters of New Jersey who elected a man who promised higher taxes, sanctuary state for illegals and who elected a suspected sexual deviant who narrowly skirted federal corruption charges to the U.S. Senate.

New Jersey also cannot afford to have complete faith in a plan by the New Jersey GOP to rebrand itself and rise from the ashes after losing nearly every seat in Congress to Democrats in 2018.  That plan leaves out nearly every grassroots Republican and conservative movement in New Jersey.

The only hope New Jersey has right now is in the dwindling number of people who still give a damn who want to make things happen themselves.  That is what the recall petition is about, the people of New Jersey exercising their constitutional right, as written in the state’s constitution, to recall an ineffective or dangerous elected official to protect the citizens of the state from further damage.

“I wholeheartedly disagree with Mr. Spadea’s sentiment on the recall.  The recall effort has taken up roots and sprouted a movement of action on this side of the aisle not seen since the tea party movement a few years back,” said Phil Stilton, editor of New Jersey’s largest conservative news media service, Shore News Network. “All I can say about Bill is that we have seen the damage Phil Murphy has done to New Jersey in just one year, I can’t imagine what sort of permanent damage he can do if we let him serve his full four-year term.”

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Former gubernatorial candidate Joseph Rullo who has been promoting the recall effort on his own Facebook page said Tuesday that the recall effort has invigorated the discussion and is a rallying cry for not only Republicans but independents and even Democrats who are sick and tired of watching the destruction of New Jersey from the sidelines.

“We have changed the political conversation in New Jersey,” Rullo said. “Just a month or so ago, the topic was how Republicans suffered a major defeat, that left New Jersey with just one out of 12 seats in Congress.”

“Now, people have hope, we see the chance of light with this recall, the ability to put the political power back in the hands of the people,” Rullo said. “Prior to the recall movement and the March Against Murphy, New Jersey voters were very apathetic, there wasn’t very much hope in the Republican party, there was a lot of negativity going around.”

Rullo credits grassroots movements within the New Jersey Second Amendment Activists and the Phil Murphy recall effort of changing the political vibe in the state.

“This turned it around.  We’re going to have success going out and campaigning during the Murphy midterm assembly races because the narrative now is that New Jersey is not happy,” he said. “This is why there’s a recall. We have sanctuary cities, taxes are so high that people are leaving in a mass exodus, not to mention the gun grabbing, all of these issues that we need to get out to the people are there.”

“Give up this fantasy of a recall petition,” Spadea, a one-time legislative candidate who lost to his Democrat opponent by a 20% margin in 2004 said. “I’m not going to talk about it on my show…I’m sick and tired of good people wasting valuable time on nonsense, stop it.”

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It’s not the first time the radio host has been against a grassroots conservative political movement that bucked Spadea’s own establishment party foundation.

Spadea recently criticized R.J. Bermudez, an organizer of last month’s March Against Phil Murphy.  The March was successful and covered across New Jersey, but not on the “Conservative” media hosts’ show.

“Seriously, #$@! this guy. He’s coming across more and more leftist as the days go by,” Bermudez said. “He bashed the March against Murphy, now the recall effort. It’s time to show this guy the door.”

Rullo said he’s skeptical of Spadea’s underlying motivation, noting that the “so-called” conservative media outlets in New Jersey have not covered the recall petition of yet.

“People have marching orders, it is what it is,” Stilton continued. “Right now the marching orders of the GOP establishment seem to be to stay away from the recall effort publicly, but as this goes on, if that team has success, you bet they’ll all be making the calls to get on board when the time comes… they don’t need Bill Spadea, they have each other. They have a true grassroots movement that is bigger than the state GOP and bigger than a radio talk show host entertaining a crowd of 75 people about dog seat belts.”

“He said there are only a few people on social media, he’s dead wrong, there are tens of thousands involved,” Rullo said. “Spadea is like the captain of the Titanic, he’s only seeing the tip of the iceberg here. We all know what happened next.”