Hirsh Singh: Cory Booker’s Worst Nightmare; Republican Announces U.S. Senate Challenge for 2020

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Republican Hirsh Singh is taking on Cory Booker for U.S. Senate.

ATLANTIC CITY-As Cory Booker’s race for the U.S. Presidency struggles to stay afloat, tensions rise in New Jersey as Republican contender and unapologetic Trump supporter Hirsh Singh filed with the Federal Election Commission and entered the fight for the 2020 U.S. Senate race. A millennial Indian American, engineer, and businessman, Singh has journeyed all throughout his home state of New Jersey, reinvigorating and rebuilding a Republican Party weakened by two years of losses.

Unlike Singh, Booker has long enjoyed the support of the old Democrat party establishment, as race after race was handed to him in exchange for his unquestioning obedience to the party and to the corporate interests which donate to his political campaigns year after year. In contrast, Singh earned his place amidst the rough and tumble grind of Jersey politics, battling his way through two challenging primaries to earn a thriving statewide grassroots movement growing behind him.

A welcome departure from the stereotypical “stuffed suit,” Singh has successfully captured the attention of the conservative, minority, and the young adult communities, critical fronts in the fast-approaching 2020 race for the New Jersey Senatorship. His appeal hasn’t gone unnoticed; many high-profile Republican leaders are stepping up to show their support.
Republican National Committeeman William Palatucci said “Hirsh has impressed me over the past two years as being serious about his policy views as well as his ability to be a candidate for public office. In many ways, Hirsh is the future of the Republican Party. His passion for public policy and desire to serve the state will impress many. He has my support.”
Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson said, “Hirsh is bright, ambitious and extremely focused. For as long as I have known him, he has been very interested in serving the community and being involved. He’s capable of meeting the uphill challenge that lies ahead of him. Cory Booker is a national name with a lot of money, but Hirsh has a good understanding of what he has to do to win.”

Somerset Chairman Al Gaburo said “Hirsh is a good man who will bring real energy and passion to a United States Senate run. I’m glad he’s putting himself forward at this critical time.”

Republican National Committeewoman Ginny Haines said “Hirsh is very bright, talented and determined. He is doing all the right things … He understands what [he has] to do and the road that lies ahead of him.”

Hudson County Chairman Jose Arango said, “I believe Hirsh Singh is a great candidate that will show that the New Jersey GOP is the real party of inclusion.”

The genuine support for Singh is virtually the polar opposite of Booker’s, whose cohorts helped him seize control of the New Jersey Senate in exchange for insider political and business dealings, deftly orchestrated under the guise of promoting a bi-partisan message. Booker’s unscrupulous conduct surfaced as early as 2010 when the FBI, U.S. Attorney and state comptroller investigated his lead role in machinating the New Jersey watershed corruption scandal.

Booker’s mafioso-like involvement came as no surprise; his previous reign as mayor of Newark had nearly 300,000 residents suffering collectively as murder, violent crime, unemployment and taxes all skyrocketed under his cast-iron rule. To this day, Booker still proclaims his passion for “his” people; never mind that the policies he implemented caused conditions to deteriorate so badly that even local leaders wanted him gone.

Nearly two decades after he first sought power, Booker abandoned his center-focused political façade and flipped over to the extremist left-wing politics of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, fervently voicing public support for the wildly destructive “Green New Deal.” Although the Green New Deal failed to receive a single vote in a U.S. Senate vote in March, Booker and his Democratic Socialist counterparts are working overtime to rebrand and reintroduce the same legislation.

For years, Cory Booker has been heavily bankrolled by big pharmaceutical companies — more than any other Senate member in the country, at one point collecting over $250,000 in backdoor contributions to shut down legislation designed to reduce prescription drug prices.
Outrage has also erupted over Booker’s rampant anti-Semitism as he voted against Jewish communities and Israeli defense under former President Barack Obama by supporting the Iran Deal.

Shmuley Boteach, one of America’s most prominent Jewish Rabbis, pointed out Cory Booker’s hypocrisy: “A senator votes to give Iran $150 billion which they’ll use to kill people and argues by doing so he is fighting terrorism? Are you serious? I am in Israel right now. Nothing could be further from the truth than Booker’s claim.”

In seeming defiance of his morally-bankrupt policy record, Booker has long enjoyed his bought-and-paid-for adulation as a rising star of the Democrat Party. As the 2020 election cycle quickly approaches, it seems he’s lost much of his darling status. With national polling responses to Cory Booker’s Presidential bid wavering at a paltry 2 percent, it becomes evident he has never fought a real race in his life.

Desperate to shore up his declining numbers, Cory Booker claims the City of Newark is his hometown despite being raised in the upper-class affluence of Harrington Park. In a tired attempt to cash in on mainstream intersectional propaganda and distract from his lack of actual struggle, Booker proclaims his mixed ancestry consists of slaves and slave owners, Confederate soldiers and Native Americans. Even New Jersey residents are fed up with Booker’s disingenuous inclinations, as a 2019 Monmouth University poll revealed a miserable 37 percent (and falling) approval rating for his White House machinations.

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When Booker fails to convince, he panics and reaches out to those mafioso connections he has bought to exert 1984-style control. One such instance took place on October 24th during the 2014 Senate general election where fearing overwhelming support for Jeff Bell’s message (his conservative opponent), Booker suppressed access to the official public debate, allowing only his hand-selected, pre-approved media allies to attend in place of his constituents. Such was Booker’s reach and power that C-Span was prevented from obtaining a copy of the debate.

Still, after the crushing double-digit defeat last year after Republicans spent over $40 million, Booker saw himself safe to run for the nation’s top office.

As a young 34-year-old Republican contender, Hirsh Singh has been working overtime to inject new life into the tumultuous American political conversation. By far the most diverse state in the union, more than 43% of New Jersey’s voting population claims ancestry outside of Europe. Add to that a combined Asian and Hispanic American population of nearly 1.1 million and (if numbers are consistent with the 2016 Presidential race) Singh himself needs less than 275,000 voters to believe in him over Booker to win — a milestone well within reach of the millennial candidate.

Driven by the economic successes of the Trump Administration, unemployment rates among Hispanic and African Americans and women are at their lowest ever in American history. When considered alongside the 82% of middle Americans that saw substantial tax reduction this year, the resurgence of the Republican Party is clear and cannot be overstated.

Born in the South Jersey entertainment mecca and budding university town of Atlantic City, Singh blazed a trail across the Garden State in 2017 with a robust outsider campaign, taking on virtually every political power broker in the state. Against all odds, Singh swept up ten percent of the primary vote without any party support. Just last year, Singh more than tripled his results, taking over 30 percent of the vote in order to protect retiring Congressman LoBiondo’s seat in South Jersey’s second congressional district. Even now, the consensus among top Republican leaders remains steadfast — Democrats would’ve stood no chance against the Singh campaign.

Even in light of all the contentious issues that remain, Booker has brought little more than typical ‘resist Trump’ and the ‘collusion delusion’ to the Washington D.C. arena, and no New Jerseyan has been better for his tenure either. The Garden State is currently falling dead last in receiving federal aid, even after having a Democrat President for two terms and two Democrat Senators who have been in office for years together.

Many challenges lay ahead for New Jersey. With an infrastructure bill slated for negotiation following the 2020 elections, if residents want a to fund the needed Gateway Tunnel into New York and get funding to upgrade, maintain and sustain some of the most traveled roadways, airports and rail stations in the country, then voting for Singh, an engineer, is the only logical choice. Singh says as Senator he would focus on making New Jersey a top-tier recipient for Federal Aid. As the gridlock in Trenton worsens, any hope of importing the national economic boom to New Jersey will require Singh to break the 60-year Democrat Senate dynasty.

When we reached out to Singh for comment on Booker’s pursuit for the White House, he minced no words: “Cory Booker is a phony politician and everyone knows it. What’s worse, even he knows he’s a phony. New Jersey deserves someone who wants to help our great State, not profit off it.”

“Booker has always been a dramatic actor. After he got a taste of ‘the life,’ he couldn’t stop pretending — for the photo opportunities, pretending to shovel snow, pretending to run into a burning building, pretending to save the day, even pretending to have a friend named ‘T-Bone.’”

“These days, it’s on full display on TV, with his ridiculous antics in the Senate. His ‘I am Spartacus’ fantasies, his ‘tears of rage’ nonsense, his race-baiting support of the Jussie Smollett hoax — and silence when the truth came out. All drama, no substance.”
“If you ask any honest person, they will tell you Newark is worse off today because Booker held power. He ran Newark into the ground.”

Singh has only known races where the deck was stacked against him. He’s had to build the strength and stamina to take on a fight as monumental as this, whereas Booker, says Singh, is a coddled elitist playing card games — the race card, the poverty card, the oppressed card — with taxpayer dollars.

The business community, minority community, Trump support base, and the ‘case closed’ Democrat Party-sponsored failure of the $30,000,000-plus Mueller investigation are starting to stack up. Perhaps by being Booker’s worst nightmare, Hirsh Singh will finally bring New Jerseyans out of theirs.

To contact Hirsh Singh, you can visit his campaign Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/HirshSinghNJ/, his campaign website at www.HirshSingh.com
or email info@hirshsingh.com.