Letter to the Editor: What The Hell Happenned to Bay Head Beach?

BayHead beach looks like a garbage dump.
One of the areas most pristine beaches is laden with trash.
Those if us who walk this beach daily are horrified to see what has happened to this normally spotless beach.
Many of us work to keep this beach spotless. We walk the beach, with our dogs or collecting shells, and when we do see the occasional piece of ocean trash pick it up and put it in the cans at the beach access points.
Last week the beach became covered with ocean trash.
The trash dump coincides with the ocean dredging and beach replenishment project.
But what seems strange is that much if the trash doesn’t seem to have been underwater any period of time and doesn’t show signs of being kicked up by dredging.
Another thought is that the just completed beach regrading has lowered the beach do that trash that would normally stay out to sea is now unable to wash back out when the tide recedes. A sad state of our local Waters that it is do full of debris….

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