Ocean County GOP Chair Candidate Calls for Secure Election Free of Fear

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TOMS RIVER-Ocean County GOP Chairman Candidate Frank Sadeghi today, in light of recent allegations of high level elected officials intimidating committee members to sway their vote, called for a fair election process on May 15th.

Members of the county committee have objected to the intimidation tactics by the party elite and have rallied behind Sadeghi over his opponent.

Sadeghi issued the following statement today in response to recent events:

Republican County Committee Members must be allowed to cast their ballots confidentially in the privacy of a voting machine at the upcoming Special Convention, and both candidates for Chairman should have the opportunity to make their case to convention attendees prior to the vote,  said conservative small businessman Frank Sadeghi.

Sadeghi encouraged his opponent, Frank Holman, to join him in requesting that leadership provide voting machines and allot speaking time at the convention for both candidates.

“When someone enters the voting machine and closes the curtain, they can vote their conscience without anyone looking over their shoulder,” said Sadeghi.  “Also, while I encourage everyone to campaign on behalf of their preferred candidate over the next two weeks, convention voters should be given the opportunity to hear both candidates on convention night prior to the vote.”

Sadeghi said the longstanding practice of only allowing the winning candidate to speak after a vote has already been taken should come to an end.

“We should aspire to have a very democratic process,” said Sadeghi.  “That means a campaign that is free of threats and intimidation, and a convention where both candidates stand up in front of the County Committee, make their best case, and personally ask for the vote.”

Sadeghi said he’s been encouraged by the response to his candidacy so far.

“One thing that is crystal clear is that County Committee members don’t want to be told what to do by anyone,” added Sadeghi.  “Committeepersons are eager to listen to both candidates make their pitch, and then choose the person who is best able to build on the success of our organization, not just hold down the fort.”