RNC Chairwoman Haines Publicly Endorsing Democrat Donor for County Chairman


TOMS RIVER-Virginia Haines, a Republican member of the Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders in Ocean County, New Jersey has announced her endorsement of Frank B. Holman III, principal owner of the firm Holman, Frenia, Allison.  Holman is seeking to become Ocean County’s next party chairman.

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This week, it was discovered that Holman’s firm has donated over $72,000 to Democrats in the past two years to hand Republicans defeat in key battleground races, including aiding in the defeat of Congressman Tom MacArthur in Ocean County.

Haines, ironically also serves as the New Jersey Republican National Committee chairwoman for the State of New Jersey.

When asked about her official endorsement of Holman, his huge sums of Democrat political donations and $6,300,000 in annual public contracts statewide, Haines responded, “That’s how it’s always been done.”

Haines has also been implicated by members of the Ocean County Committee, along with Assemblyman Gregory McGuckin for making intimidating calls to publicly elected committee members in an attempt to sway the vote in favor of Holman over Island Heights engineer Frank Sadeghi.

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We reached out this week to both Haines and McGuckin regarding the intimidating phone calls, but both refused to comment on the allegations.

Some committee members and county employees who are backing Holman reported they received phone calls from party elite eluding that their public jobs could be in jeopardy if they support Sadeghi.

In response to Shore News Network’s open and truthful coverage of the election, the Ocean County GOP has canceled all advertising contracts with Shore News Network for providing coverage that did not promote the party line, confirming the vindictive nature of the party elites persecuting those who disagree with their political decree.

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Since reports of Holman’s contributions to key Democrats during the 2018 “Blue Wave” sweep in New Jersey, Haines has not yet changed her endorsement away from the pay to play firm owner.