County Website: Spray Used to Hide Odors at Stinky Monmouth County Dump Could be Hazardous to Unborn Children

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TINTON FALLS-After dealing with a stinkier-than-usual garbage dump the Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders put into action a plan to minimize intolerable odors.  The freeholders approved a $4.45 million emergency remediation program that included drilling new methane gas collection wells and a $135,000 system that sprays the harmful chemical Neutralene into the air to control odors emanating from the landfill.

According to the Monmouth County government website, Neutralene comes with its own risks.  Some of those risks, according to a safety data sheet provided to the county by vendor Air Care Technology, LLC include allergic skin reactions and the chemical may be harmful and chronic to nearby aquatic life.   The most alarming side effect listed by the county for Neutralene is that it is, “Suspected of damaging the fertility of an unborn child.”

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The dump sits besides Shark River estuaries.

Chemical safety warning provided courtesy of the Monmouth County government website.




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