Andy Kim Fears Successful Pro-Trump Opponent in 2020 Congressional Race

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TOMS RIVER-Democratic Socialist Congressman Andy Kim’s campaign is showing fear today.   In an email to his supporters, Kim began asking for money to defend himself against a possible congressional election opponent, Island Heights engineer Frank Sadeghi.

Kim, who has made a career for himself on the public payroll fears Sadeghi, an entrepreneur who built a successful engineering firm.

“Yesterday, the National Journal reported that millionaire GOP fundraiser Frank Sadeghi is “strongly considering” running against Andy, to try and take back New Jersey’s 3rd District for Republicans,” Kim’s campaign wrote.  “Here’s why this is concerning: Sadeghi says he can self-fund, “and put at least $2 million [of his own money] into the race.” We only won this district by 1% in 2018, and all of that money could swing things the other way.”

Kim, who is following the lead of his party elders, such as Bernie Sanders, Ocasio Cortez discredited Sadeghi’s self-made financial success, calling upon his followers to chip in a few bucks for next year’s campaign because his potential opponent is a successful self-starting entrepreneur.

“To make matters even worse, Frank Sadeghi is strongly pro-Trump,” the Congressman said today. “And with all of that pro-Trump signaling, you can better believe Sadeghi will be supported by a wave of outside spending from pro-Trump super PACs and dark money.”

Sadeghi has long been a successful fundraiser and supporter of the Republican party.  Sadeghi has not confirmed his intent to run for Congress.

Andy Kim having a Spartacus moment with New Jersey Senator Cory “Spartacus” Booker.
Notetaker Andy Kim, a candidate for Congress is seen in a photo with Muslim Brotherhood leader Anas Altikriti standing next to Iraqi Parliament Speaker Usama al-Nujaifi shaking hands with President Obama / Flickr