Former Lt. Governor Guadagno Upset Over Inclusion in Mo Hill’s Fake Newspaper

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TOMS RIVER-Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno was not a woman to be messed with on the campaign trail and the same can be said of her long after her political career has ended.   Guadagno lashed out this week at Toms River Republican Councilman Maurice “Mo” Hill over her inclusion in a campaign newspaper that was delivered to voters ahead of Tuesday’s primary election.

Hill published the “Toms River Record”.  He’s pictured above proudly reading the publication created Monmouth County GOP political blogger Art Gallagher.  Guadagno was offended because she now works for the non-profit entity which is essentially the former Monmouth & Ocean County Food Bank, now called Fulfill.   Additionally, she did not endorse or support Hill for mayor.

“I’m personally offended that something like Fulfill would used in connection with a political campaign for somebody’s own political purpose,” Guadagno said.

Guadagno said Fulfill feeds people in Toms River and should have never been used for political gain of any kind.

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