Jack Kelly Edges Out Virginia Haines in Freeholder Election


TOMS RIVER-It could be because Ocean County Freeholder Virginia Haines led the tip of the spear for new Ocean County Chairman Frank B. Holman, III, or it could just be because more Republicans in Ocean County like Freeholder Jack Kelly, what’s not to like about the guy?   He’s honest, fair and he wasn’t threatening people’s public jobs during the heated race between Holman and Frank Sadeghi last month.

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Kelly edged out Haines 50.21% to 49.46% in voting, which means about 300 Republicans countywide abstained from voting for Kelly’s running mate.

This means nothing to anyone except to the ego of Haines, one can only imagine.   Politicians, even when running together are sometimes crushed by the reality that people like their running mates better, even after campaign wins.

The top candidate on the ticket takes home the prize of “They like me the best” when they finish at the top of their own ticket, leaving their running mates wondering, “Why don’t they like me?”.

Along the northern border of Ocean County, Kelly and Haines were in a dead heat tie, but Kelly won most of the districts in the heart of Ocean County.  Haines prevailed in small southern districts in Stafford Township, Little Egg Harbor and Barnegat.

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When it comes to the county slate, Sheriff Mastronardy beat both Kelly and Haines, receiving 1,000 more votes than both, showing a total of 1,300 Republicans who passed on Haines on Tuesday.