Correction: Andy Kim Disrespected Dead Veterans, Not the American Flag or National Anthem on Memorial Day


TOMS RIVER-We’re not ashamed to admit we’re wrong when shown we’re wrong about a story.  In fact, it happens.  Sometimes a picture speaks 1,000 words.  Sometimes a picture that speaks 10,000 words might not speak the correct words.

That is the case of a photo taken on Memorial Day by Congressman Andy Kim…you remember Kim, that socialist revolutionary who was the founder of “Rise Stronger”, which called for a leftist revolution in America…that is until Kim was called out for it.   Hours later, Kim’s Rise Stronger, which promoted books written by domestic terrorists was taken down.

Well, thank you to the failing newspaper, Burlington County Times and some guy called JD Mullane who got to the bottom of it.

Failing Burlington County Times journalist J.D. Mullen.

First, let’s hit Mullane’s fake news piece. Shore News Network did NOT reach out to Andy Kim. There’s a reason for this.  Ben Giovine, who is Kim’s political operative working now in a government capacity has never responded to media requests by Shore News Network during his time as a school board member or during his time as a partisan hack for the local Democrats, so if Ben wants to correct a record, Ben has my cell phone number and can call me at any time.

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Second, Mullane’s in-depth investigative reporting revealed that it was not the National Anthem that socialist Kim was disrespecting, but wreaths being placed in honor of our nation’s fallen heroes.

“The photo was snapped as about a dozen wreaths from military service organizations were presented, Westhoven said. It was not taken during the national anthem, the Pledge of Allegiance or taps, where salutes or hands on hearts are the proper show of respect per the U.S. flag code,” Mullane wrote.

As a Marine Corps veteran who served during the Gulf War, I find this even more despicable.  These wreaths represent the men and women, my brothers and sisters who died protecting our freedom and Andy Kim and one other woman on his far right are the only two people who are not showing proper respect for our war dead.

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So no JD, Andy Kim is not that big of a knucklehead, he’s self-serving, disrespectful socialist who over-inflated his resume to win an election.

“We’ve done some research after this dust up and what we found is that there is no protocol for civilians as to what they should do during the presentation of a wreath,” Mullane wrote.

Democrat socialist operative and architect of the Toms River School District’s complete and utter deterioration, Ben Giovine, Congressman Kim’s “Guy Friday” responds to a report in the failing Burlington County Times.

Sure JD, there’s no protocol on that, you got us, but there is something called “Not being a disrespectful bucket of human waste” a phrase we would sometimes use in the Marine Corps and to show some proper respect when respect is due…especially if you’re a congressman who boasts his vast military background during an election campaign.

Here are three bits of real news for JD Mullane.

You didn’t serve bro. Neither did Andy Kim.

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Ben Giovine is a partisan hack who ran the Toms River School District into the ground during his time as a school board member.

This “thing called Shore News Network” outperforms and reaches far more people in New Jersey than you or your failing newspaper, the Burlington County Times.

If you’re an advertiser of the failing Burlington County Times and want to reach a real audience, hit us up, 732-333-3208. We’ll save you money and you can reach a much larger online audience.  BTW, we’re coming to Burlington County this year, so hang on for the ride!




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