Open Secrets: Builders, Engineers and Downtown Businesses Provide Mo Hill Campaign with Financial Donations

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TOMS RIVER-With the primary election behind him, Toms River Councilman Maurice “Mo” Hill began collecting political campaign contributions ahead of the November 2019 general election where he seeks to defeat his opponent, Jonathan Petro for the position of Mayor.

To date, Hill’s campaign has raised $86,470.61, including $25,000 received in a lawsuit he won against the Toms River Republican Club.   Hill split with the club during the primary and has not yet rejoined the club, according to club officials, but secured the party line after his June election victory.

Hill received financial support from Downtown Toms River businesses including architect Yezzi Associates ($600); Washington Street law firm Hering, Dupignac and Stanzione ($500); Sipe Adjustment Group, located on West Water Street ($500); Woodhaven Associates of 244 Main Street ($600); RC Shea & Associates of 244 Main Street and a $600 contribution by the Toms River Down Town Corporate Center.

Hill’s campaign also received funding from the construction industry including $1,000 from developer Hovson, Inc.; $500 from Engineers French & Parrelo of Wall and $500 from Alaimo Associates.

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Individual contributions to Hill’s campaign reported in his June campaign filing include Scott Gartner ($2,600); Ephraim Zigrield ($2,600); Jonathan Schlesinger ($1,000); Israel Rosenblum ($500); Henry  Karkowski ($400); Dr.Rolando Villanueva ($1,000); Henry Mancini ($500); and Dawn Stelman-Gluck ($600);

Hill received a $1,000 contribution from Monmouth County GOP Boss Shaun Golden.

A political action committee based out of 29 Beach Road, Suite 205, Monmouth Beach named “For the People by the People” have thus far, according to Toms River Shorebeat, donated $10,500 to Hill and his team, but that PAC does has not filed any reports with the New Jersey Election Commission, but is tied to Monmouth County CPA David Gallagher who operates his business out of that office.