Kelley O’Hara Saves Old Glory After Rapinoe, Teammates Drop American Flag

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WASHINGTON, DC-Team USA soccer antagonist Megan Rapinoe said last month if her Team USA soccer team wins the World Cup, “I’m not going to the f—— White House.”

Now, if the invite comes from President Donald J. Trump in light of their 2-0 win against the Netherlands, Rapinoe and other members of the team have a decision to make.

Will they continue to show disrespect towards the President and nation or will they attend a reception with Trump and most likely a McDonalds buffet.

After their victory, Rapinoe and several teammates once again disrespected their country by throwing the American flag on the turf and walking on it, before Old Glory was rescued by teammate Kelley O’hara.

Despite Rapinoe being the ‘star’ of the team on the field, off the field, O’hara has won over millions of Americans after she recovered Rapinoe’s shoddy flag handling.