Berkeley Township Among the Lowest Taxed Municipalities in New Jersey


Mayor reminds residents No Tax increase in 2019 Municipal Budget and that Tax Bills will be mailed early next week

BERKELEY – Mayor Carmen F. Amato, Jr., has announced that Township tax bills will be mailed next week. Berkeley Township continues to be among the lowest taxed communities in New Jersey.

“The Township is in the process of mailing the final third and fourth quarter property tax bill for 2019 and the first and second quarter estimated property tax bill for 2020. Third quarter tax bills are due August 1st, however, taxpayers will have up to and including Monday, August 12th to pay without interest or penalties’.” Mayor Amato said.

“I’m pleased to remind taxpayers that the municipal tax rate will remain the same. no tax increase in the municipal portion of your property tax bill. This is the third time in the last five years we have been able to keep the municipal property tax rate the same.” Mayor Amato said.

Berkeley Township Mayor Carmen Amato.

“Berkeley Township has the 2nd lowest overall property taxes in all of Ocean County, as reported by New Jersey Advance Media.


Berkeley Township also has one of the lowest overall property taxes in the State of New Jersey, as well. Also reported by New Jersey Advance Media.

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” I wish to thank the members of the Township Council who have worked with me to keep costs down. The average Berkeley Township homeowner pays less than half of the statewide average property tax bill. That is a significant accomplishment we all can be proud of.” Mayor Amato said.

“I’m also pleased to report that Standards & Poor’s rating service has increased Berkeley’s bond rating from an “A+” to an “AA-”. The increase in rating affirms our stable financial outlook and is based on the Township’s strong budgetary performance, flexibility and very strong liquidity. Once again we are extremely pleased that S&P has recognized the extreme effort we have made to be financially responsive to our taxpayers despite these difficult economic times.” Mayor Amato said.

“Considering what we’ve endured in the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy and the resulting loss of ratables and downturn in the local economy, I am really proud of what we’ve done to keep Berkeley Township an affordable place to live for all of our residents.” Mayor Amato said.

“The stable budget that was recently adopted by the Township Council, maintains the same level of services that residents have received in past years. Public safety, quality of life, fiscal responsibility and integrity are my top priorities. Together, over the past seven years, we have worked to address the financial challenges we inherited from Super Storm Sandy while continuing to make improvements that are vital to the future of Berkeley’s families and neighborhoods.” Mayor Amato said.

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The total amount of the 2019 Adopted Municipal Budget is $47,028,544.36. An increase of 0.67% over the 2018 Adopted and Amended Budget.

Out of the entire tax bill, the Municipal Portion is approximately 30% of the total bill. This is the ONLY portion of your tax bill under the direct control of the Mayor and Council.

The remaining 70% of your bill which includes the County Open Space, County Government tax, County Library tax, County Health Department tax and both School Districts taxes, WE HAVE NO CONTROL over.

The total amount of the 2019 Adopted Municipal Budget is $47,028,544.36. An increase of ONLY 0.67% over the 2018 Adopted and Amended Budget.

The Budget is BELOW THE STATE 2% State mandated Levy Cap by $5,043,067.00

The Budget is BELOW THE STATE 2% State mandated Spending Cap by $3,138,574.78

The State of New Jersey, once again, did not provide any additional State Aid to Berkeley Township for additional property tax relief, despite rising costs associated with our operations. The Township has received flat funding from state since 2011.

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The Percentage of Tax Collection was at 98.20%. In 2017 the percentage of tax collection was 98.79% The Percentage of Tax Collection, which the municipality has NO CONTROL OVER, has a direct impact on the calculation of the Reserve for Uncollected Taxes. The Reserve for Uncollected Taxes in the 2019 Budget is: $2,281,477.55 of which $1,618,652.38 is for school and county purposes.

As we continue in 2019, our emphasis remains on long-range financial stability, continued public infrastructure improvements and our commitment to providing the important services that our residents have come to expect. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call my office at 732-244-7400 x 1203 or contact me by email:

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