Deal Police: Your Fault if Your Car Gets Stolen Unlocked With Keys Inside

Car thief while stealing a car as a car theft

DEAL-Police in Deal have told residents there’s once again an uptick in stolen vehicles in the town and it’s because of gross negligence by the vehicle owners who leave their keys in their car and the doors unlocked.

While it is not a great idea to leave your keys in your car and a door, maybe the car thieves are slightly to blame as well, but that means things like arrests, lengthy paperwork and time in court.

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“Over the past week we have AGAIN taken reports for multiple stolen vehicles. Every single vehicle was left unlocked with the keys inside. This is gross negligence on the part of the vehicle owner. Our officers have been involved in multiple attempts to stop the vehicle thefts from occurring. There is absolutely no excuse for this. Our officers have been placed in very dangerous situations because our residents refuse to LOCK their vehicles,” the police department said. “With repeated alerts through social media, Nixle, reverse 911 alerts and our officers speaking directly with our residents, it still seems to be falling on deaf ears. In some instances, doors were left wide open with the vehicle running.”

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“YOU continue to invite a criminal element into our community due to your behavior. You must LOCK your vehicles and remove the keys and key fobs. These criminals are well aware that your vehicles are unlocked and you leave the keys inside. Without your cooperation and due diligence, this problem will only get worse. LOCK YOUR CARS,” the department said.