New Jersey Democrats Unveil Latest Weapon in Battle Against Drug Addiction: Warning Labels

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Customer in pharmacy holding medicine bottle. Woman reading the label text about medical information or side effects in drug store. Patient shopping pills for migraine or flu. Vitamin or zinc tablets.

TRENTON-New Jersey pharmacists, under a new law passed by Governor Phil Murphy, will now have to place red warning labels on potentially addictive prescription medicine.

“The opioid crisis has had a devastating impact on our communities, robbing us of too many of our friends, family members and loved ones,” Governor Murphy said. “This legislation continues our work to combat the opioid crisis by ensuring that there are warning labels outlining the risk of opioid medications, expanding access to treatment that so many need and raising awareness of just how easy it is to become addicted to opioids.”

Murphy’s enthusiasm for the red warning labels was echoed by Democratic Socialist Congressman Andy Kim, who serves Ocean County, which is one of the leaders in opioid addiction in New Jersey.

“This is a great step in combating the opioid addiction crisis that has had a tremendous impact on Burlington and Ocean Counties,” Kim said. “There’s real momentum at every level of government to bring serious solutions to the table and we must continue to work as long as thousands of lives are lost every year in New Jersey.”