Brick Mayor Ducey Doubles Down: Brick Will Never Be a Sanctuary Town

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BRICK TOWNSHIP-Brick Township rejected officially passing a resolution decrying the Immigrant Trust Directive issued by Democrat Attorney General Gurbir Grewal and Governor Phil Murphy, but Mayor John Ducey actually led New Jersey’s municipal charge against sanctuary for illegal aliens.

That’s right, it was Democrat Mayor John Ducey, back in 2017 who became the first mayor in the state to declare his city sanctuary-free.

Since that time, other towns in the county have followed suit, including Mayor Carmen Amato of Berkeley Township.

In his first Facebook Live session, which has become a popular feature in the years since Ducey addressed claims of the township becoming a sanctuary city.

Ducey and the Brick council were all Democrats and during the election, local Republicans claimed the township would become a sanctuary city should Democrats win locally and at the state level.

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Ducey put that rumor to rest back then.

“Brick is not and will not be a sanctuary city,” Ducey said. “It was nothing but political propaganda.”

Now, he said even though the council did not entertain Fozman’s request for a resolution, he is committed to keeping it that way.

Fozman hopes the council will entertain his proposal to memorialize their stance against sanctuary city status.


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