Singh: Cory Booker A Self Serving Career Politician


The Democrats running for President of the United States will convene on stage once again tonight as the party trips over itself to see which candidate can “out-left” the next.    While New Jersey Senator Cory Booker sinks below 1% in the Presidential polls on the road, back at home, his Republican challenger Hirsh Singh mocked Booker’s futile attempt to become President.

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“Tonight’s Democrat debate at 8pm will serve as a reminder to NJ that Cory Booker is just another self-serving career politician,” Singh said. “A ladder climber, who only serves his own ambitions. He used Newark to run for Senator; he now uses NJ to run for President. What is his record? 0% in the Presidential Polls, dramatic acting, and failure to deliver NJ any results.”

Singh’s campaign launched a new website detailing the flawed exploits of Cory Booker, The real truth about Booker:

Hirsh Singh, the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate against Cory Booker.