Dan Leonard Not Seeking Re-Election after Muslim Group CAIR Demands Resignation

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BEACHWOOD-U.S. Army veteran Daniel Leonard will end his term on the Toms River School board on his own schedule and will not be forced to resign by the Muslim rights group CAIR which has engaged in a social media and political Jihad against him.

Leonard has been targeted by the group, which many in U.S. and international governments claim has ties to international terrorism and Muslim extremism.   Leonard made a comment about radical left-wing Muslim Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib.   After Tlaib vowed to go on a hunger strike to protest America’s growing border crisis, blaming President Donald Trump, Leonard responded, “My life would be complete if she/they die …”

Leonard was referring to Tlaib starving herself to death, but his comments were noticed by CAIR who came out in full force to call for his resignation.   Leonard remained defiant, but also did not file a petition to run in this year’s election.

Running for Leonard’s vacant seat will be Alex Mizenko, Leonard’s former opponent who he defeated three years ago and Melissa Morrison.

“Don’t CAIR What These Supporters of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood have to say! Do your research folks – I am not going anywhere unless it is on my terms!,” Leonard said about CAIR’s actions against him.

A petition to exonerate Leonard has been started.

“Mr. Leonard has been the target of a coordinated international campaign to disparage his integrity and fitness for his position on the school board by a group which government organizations have tied to known terrorists. Stand up for Freedom and let Toms River BOE know we support Dan Leonard,” the petition says.

Leonard said he will ride out the remainder of his term which expires on December 31st and will remain committed to fighting New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s state funding which has shortchanged the Toms River School District.