New Jersey Democrats and Republicans Should Unite Against Dangerous and Irresponsible Murphy, Grewal Sanctuary State Directive



BRICK-Brick Mayor John Ducey, a Democrat, reiterated this week that Brick Township is not, and never will be a sanctuary city, reaffirming the promise he made the to the community nearly two years ago when the topic came up in his very first Facebook live with the mayor broadcast after winning his re-election bid in 2017.

Phil Stilton, editor of New Jersey’s largest conservative-leaning news media service, Shore News Network and media advocate for the Phil Murphy Recall effort statewide, was the only news agency to report on Ducey’s statement back in 2017.

Now, Brick Township Republicans are trying to paint Ducey as a sanctuary loving Democrat and that’s really just election season fake news propaganda and Republicans should be better than that.

“We reported on Ducey’s statement back in 2017 because at the time, even Republicans were not publicly fighting Phil Murphy’s sanctuary state insanity,” said Shore News Network editor Phil Stilton.  “It was a very bold statement at the time considering Ducey is a Democrat and that could land him in a lot of trouble with the vindictive administration of Governor Phil Murphy. Ducey’s statement was bold and it was a brave move considering the climate at the time in New Jersey politics, especially coming from such a prominent Democrat mayor.”

Last week, Brick Township Republican James Fozman, a former Democrat who advocated last year for the ban of plastic straws in Brick Township, brought his anti-sanctuary resolution to the council meeting, a formal resolution requesting the memorializing Ducey’s stance against sanctuary city status, but the township council and township attorney Kevin Starkey said, that’s now how the process works.

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Starkey said Fozman’s delivery of the resolution during a council meeting just wasn’t going to happen because all resolutions and ordinances proposed by the township must first pass attorney review.  The council did not add Fozman’s written resolution to the evening’s agenda.

Now, Brick Democrats are considering taking up Fozman on his offer and may introduce a resolution that passes the muster of a thorough legal review.”

“To me, we’re is definitely not a sanctuary city and will not be,” said Mayor John Ducey.  “You have to follow federal laws, that’s what the laws are for, the law of the land.”

Since that meeting, Republicans have branded Ducey and township Democrats as proponents of Murphy’s sanctuary state in a press release published on several politico-style blog sites.

“Talk is cheap, Brick Township residents want action,”Fozman said. “If Mayor Ducey and the Brick Democrats truly opposed Governor Murphy’s dangerous immigrant directive and our Sanctuary State status, they would allow a vote on my resolution and they would support it. Anything short of that is a cop out. Their words are meaningless.”

If passed, Brick would be one of several townships in Ocean County to pass an anti-sanctuary state ordinance.   Although Ducey led the public charge against sanctuary city status in 2017, other Republican-controlled governments followed suit starting in 2018, with formal resolutions being passed in Berkley Township, Lacey Township, Little Egg Harbor and Jackson Township

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Neither the Ocean County nor the Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders, all Republicans have offered anti-sanctuary state resolutions to date.   Toms River Township, the majority Republican county seat, as a body has also not declared anti-sanctuary city status.

In Monmouth County, where Democrats have been running train on Republicans, the all-Republican Board of Freeholders backed away from passing a proposed anti-sanctuary state resolution.

“I think it’s time that if Republicans in Ocean County want to criticize Mayor Ducey in Brick Township, they should also call out their counterparts at the county and in neighboring towns,” Stilton added. “To create a narrative that portrays Ducey as a supporter of Phil Murphy’s dangerous sanctuary state directive is disingenuous at face value.  Like it or not, Ducey was the first mayor in the county to speak out against it and that was a full year before Jackson Township became the first town to formally adopt such a resolution.”

Stilton, editor of Shore News Network also manages social media pages for Stop Phil Murphy, Make NJ Red Again and hosts the official Phil Murphy Recall Petition Facebook pages which combined, reach up to 2.5 million residents in New Jersey who are, “Sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

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“It would be nice if both parties could unite on this issue that affects so many of us and puts all our communities in harm’s way,” Stilton added. “And not make this topic a political campaign football during the height of campaign silly season.  I invite all Democrats and Republicans to join us on social media to join our bipartisan efforts to rid this state of Murphy’s administration once and for all.  The GOP at all levels has been too quiet on the issue, why are our Republican leaders not marching on the Statehouse steps or attending state meetings demanding an end to this ridiculous and illegal policy instituted by Murphy and AG Grewal?”


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