NJ Congressman Andy Kim Goes Full Liberal: White Nationalism on Par with ISIS


TOMS RIVER-That’s right 3rd U.S. Congressional District, you voted for him.  He came to us as a devout radical leftist intent on overthrowing the U.S. Government from within through organized violent resistance.

That is until Shore News Network called him out on it along with Congressman Tom MacArthur.    Kim later said, “[Just kidding!]”   He promptly shut down his “Rise Stronger” left-wing call-to-arms and went mainstream on us.    He said of Rise Stronger, “[Ya, that was just something I was doing, it wasn’t serious or anything.]”

He went from promoting books by domestic leftist terrorists and cop killers to talking points such as veterans affairs, joint bases, income equality and whatever else he can bring up at town halls to get his constituents looking in the other direction.

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But, like his pal Cory Booker, Andy went and did it.

He went full liberal.

Everyone knows you don’t go full liberal in Ocean County.

“In [American] white nationalist terrorism, we face a national security emergency on par with the Islamic State threat,” Comrade Kim said.  “It’s time for this country to come together and commit to action.”

If you couldn’t go more “full liberal”, Kim went on to compare America to wartorn Afghanistan while he served there as a civilian aide and note-taker, appointed by the Obama administration.

“Terrorism, in all its forms, must be condemned, rooted out and defeated. I worked with General Allen and Brett McGurk to fight back against terror in Afghanistan and while at the White House,” Kim muttered on Facebook.

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Kim stopped short of going Cory Booker liberal and as far as I know has yet to try to raise campaign money on the backs of the dead in two recent horrific mass shootings.