Phil Murphy Wants President Trump to Bail Out Cory Booker’s Newark Water Nightmare


TRENTON-New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, whose administration is suing the Trump administration and has been an extremely critical opponent of the President said today that Trump should bail out the water fiasco currently plaguing Cory Booker’s former “hometown” of Newark.

Booker served as mayor of Newark for 7 years and today is feeling the heat for his administration’s failure to address the city’s high volumes of lead found in its drinking water.

“We need the federal government to do its share and punch its weight,” Murphy told reporters today. “It’s public health, public health.”

Period.  Full stop.

Or is it?

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“Met with Newark residents today at a Newark Department of Health and Community Wellness water distribution center. We are working hand-in-hand with the City of Newark, NJ – City Hall to protect the health of residents while we work to determine the cause and extent of elevated lead levels in two homes relying on filtered water,” Murphy said on Wednesday.

Now, Murphy and Booker are calling on Trump to bail them out of a jam created by Democrats in New Jersey.