Ocean County GOP Headquarters Moving to Main Street Office Owned by Downtown Landlord Based Out of Lakewood

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TOMS RIVER-The Ocean County GOP is parting ways officially with its former Chairman George Gilmore this month as they relocate their headquarters out of Gilmore’s 10 Allan Street office building into an office building on Main Street in Downtown Toms River.

30 Main Street is owned by Grace Acquisitions, NJ LLC, based out of  150 Airport Road in the Lakewood Industrial Park.   The LLC  also owns the nearby parking lot in Downtown Toms River on the corner of West Water Street and Irons Street which is part of the Toms River Township plan to revitalize Downtown Toms River.

On the town’s plans, published in a video showing the Irons Street parking lot is a massive 8 story building that occupies every square foot of the existing empty parking lot.   The parking lot north of the Irons Street property owned by Grace Acquisitions NJ LLC is owned by the Township of Toms River.

The building sits across Water Street from what would be a 10 story apartment building built on the site of the current U.S. Post Office, which is expected to be razed under the township’s plan to redevelop the Downtown area.

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Jerry Dasti, a henchman for new Ocean County GOP Chairman Frank Holman said the party is hoping to move into its new digs by September 1st.


Drawing provided by the Township of Toms River shows massive eight story complex to be built on a parking lot owned by the GOP’s new Landlord, Grace Acquisitions, NJ LLC.