OC GOP Chairman Goes to War with County Conservative Republicans

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TOMS RIVER-Ocean County Republican Chairman Frank Holman is now fighting a battle against Ocean County Conservative Republicans who are seeking to raise money for their campaigns.  Holman, who is in his first year as chairman of the Ocean County GOP fired off a scathing demand to county Republicans warning them not to attend an event honor former Lacey Township Mayor John C. Parker because it is being done outside of his directive that all fundraising goes through his organization’s coffers.

“Despite my specific request as county chairman not to compete with our county’s fundraising efforts, these individuals have chosen to ignore this quest and have created a PAC known as SOC-R PAC,” Holman said in a letter to county establishment Republicans  “I view this effort as a direct attack on the OCGOP.”

On a letter sent out to conservative Republicans countywide invited them to attend a $40 reception at the Clarion Inn and Conference Center in honor of Parker, a lifelong servant of the community.

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Cost for the event is $40.

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Insiders in the party say they are not confident Holman can raise the necessary funds, nearing as much as $250,000 between now and election day to support Republican candidates county wide.  As has been the case in years past, different groups within the Republican power structure have created PACs to also assist their own local candidates in lieu of county GOP funding.

Also in years past, the OC GOP’s coffers ran on full tanks.  Now, with many donors and fundraisers backing out of Republican positions in Toms River and Brick, Holman’s worth as a chairman will be called into question.  Former Chairman George Gilmore was a master fundraiser for the party.  In his absence, Holman and his new team of henchmen, including Jackson Chairwoman Clara Glory, Assemblyman Gregory McGuckin, and Jerry Dasti are in the hot seat to deliver sufficient campaign funds to keep the party from losing seats in Toms River and Brick.

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Holman blames the conservative fundraising on former Chairman George Gilmore, claiming Gilmore is behind the effort to raise money for conservative Republicans running for office and he can’t have that.

“The OCGOP was successful because it was united, it spoke with one voice and raised the funds necessary to support our candidates up and down the ballot,” Holman claimed of the state’s once most powerful Republican organization.  “I am working hard to unite our party.”

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In his effort to “unite our party” Holman has led with dictatorial determination including making threats to members of the organization who did not fall in line behind his newfound power and now ordering his establishment Republican base to not show up to honor Parker and raise money for Southern Ocean County conservative Republicans.


If you are an Ocean County Conservative Republican and wish to support conservative candidates, send a $40 check to SOC-R PAC c/o Carmen Memoli. 222 Oak Avenue., Suite 5, Toms River, NJ 08753.   The event is taking place from 8:30 am to 10:30 am on Saturday, September 7th.

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Memoli’s Conservative PAC’s have supported Republicans in Ocean County many years before Holman became chairman.

“A small group of individuals have begun their own fundraising, which undermines the OCGOP’s united front,” Holman said.

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