Jackson MUA Approves Water and Sewer to Advance Construction of 1,000 New Homes in Eastern Section of Jackson Township

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JACKSON-The Jackson Municipal Utilities Authority has voted to approve water and sewer lines to facilitate the construction of four major residential neighborhood construction sites on the eastern side of the town.

The authority granted preliminary approvals for sewer and water lines to the Grawtown Acres Major Subdivision, Jackson Trails and the Concourse at Jackson.   The MUA also approved a new pumping station to facilitate the construction of Pine Rock Walk.

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Grawtown Estates is seeking to build approximately 490 new homes,   Pine Rock Walk is a 46 home development.  Nearby Denton Pines will build 29 new homes.  Jackson Trails is seeking to build 367 new homes.  In total, water and sewer approvals granted by the MUA will allow for the construction of nearly 1,000 new homes in the Whitesville and Holmansville sections of Jackson Township.  Those approvals will also allow future projects accessible to those lines to build at a higher density.

The Jackson MUA board consists of politically appointed commissioners.   The board is made of up past and present Jackson Republican Club executive board members including William Allman, Chairman; Vicki Rickabaugh, Vice Chairwoman; Carol Blake, Treasurer, Clara Glory, Treasurer; Geneva Clayton, Assistant Secretary and Todd Porter, Alternate.

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The plan to approve the lines that would extend the high-density growth area comes after the Ocean County Board of Freeholders submitted a new water and sewer plan to the State of New Jersey that would even further increase the water and sewer footprint in Jackson Township and Lakewood to allow for more high-density development in the future.

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