Toms River Redevelopment Plan Shows Over Two Dozen New High Density Apartment Buildings


TOMS RIVER-Plans released by the Township of Toms River show renderings of over two-dozen high-density apartment buildings and structures on top of the already proposed mega-structures publicly unveiled in the Irons Street Parking Lot and on the site of the existing United States Post Office.

In video renderings released by the township, you can see multiple hi-rise apartment buildings also occupying open lots along Water Street, Hooper Avenue, Allen Street, Irons Street and Adafre Avenue.

The township identifies two phases of the plan, a phase 1 Waterfront Redevelopment Plan and a phase 2 Downtown Core Redevelopment Plan.

You can view documents and renderings commissioned by the township on the township website:

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Waterfront Phase 1 Redevelopment Plan 10-06-17

Water Street Waterfront Redevelopment Phase 1 Plan V1 Model

Transit Village Model Rendering

Please Click Here for a Video on Downtown Toms River Waterfront Redevelopment – Phase 1 Model w Transit Village

Downtown Core Redevelopment Plan Adopted 2-26-19

Downtown Core – Toms River

Downtown Core Redevelopment Plan Model – Facing North

Photo Caption:  Digital renderings, Toms River Township.