Murphy Announces $20 Million in Pre-K Funding to Inner Cities; Shore Funding Cuts Remain


TRENTON-Children in Union City will join 27 other underserved districts across New Jersey, but in many towns across the state, including many who did not vote for the governor, funding cuts to K-12 education remain firmly in place.

Continuing the largest expansion in high-quality preschool that New Jersey has seen in decades, Governor Phil Murphy today announced 28 additional school districts that will benefit from state aid to implement or expand quality early childhood education programs in their communities by October 1.

This year, Governor Murphy’s Fiscal Year 2020 state budget committed an additional $20 million for Preschool Education Aid.

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“New Jersey has long been considered a leader in early childhood education, and I am proud that we are now bringing about the greatest growth in preschool that this state has seen so far this century,” said Governor Murphy, who made today’s announcement in Union City, a community that has a deep history of providing quality preschool programs to 3 and 4-year-old children“Educating our children at this critical age will give them a strong start in academics and a desire to learn.”

Murphy has yet to address funding cuts that led to massive staffing cuts and reduction in services to many shore area school districts this year.

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