Republicans Hush on Charges Against Tom Kean’s Political Director

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MIDDLETOWN-In the wake of criminal charges against Hamilton Township Republican Mayor Kelly Yaede and her campaign manager, Monmouth County Republican rising star Dan Scharfenberger, Republicans are remaining silent.

Scharfenberger who is being accused of violating the law by releasing expunged criminal information on Yaede’s Republican primary campaign opponent David Henderson to a fake news blog site which he and the mayor operated also serves on the campaign team of New Jersey Congressional Republican Candidate Tom Kean, Jr.   Scharfenberger, according to his now blocked LinkedIn after being changed to “Dan S.”   Scharfenberger serves as the Political Director for New Jersey Senator Tom Kean’s Congressional Campaign.

We reached out to Harrison Nealy, press secretary for Tom Kean’s campaign, but he has refused to comment on the matter.

Scharfenberger is the son of Monmouth County Freeholder Gerry Scharfenberger who is also running a campaign for New Jersey State Assembly this November.  It is not known whether or not Dan Scharfenberger works on his father’s political campaign team.

Scharfenberger also served as a Regional Political Director for the ill-fated Bob Hugin for Senate campaign in 2018.

Although the charge against Scharfenberger is a misdemeanor, it could spell an end to his political career, but fortunately, he lives and works in New Jersey where politicians and political operatives on both sides of the aisle have committed much worse crimes and still work within the field.

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This week, the rising Monmouth County star was featured along side Yaede on Insider NJ’s “Who’s Down” list.