Let there be light! Toms River upgrades dark spots on North Dover Roads

TOMS RIVER-One month after a report in the Asbury Park Press highlighting the dark roads in the North Dover section of Toms River, the township has announced it made several upgrades to faulty light fixtures.    The work order for these lights was submitted to JCP&L in March and now pedestrians who walk after dark in some sections of the town have new lights.

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“There were a few dark spots on about 5 roads in town for which we requested JCP&L to install 13 new fixtures in various locations to bring those roads into compliance with township roadway standards,” said township public spokesperson Stacey Proebstle.  “The work was ordered 6 months ago and is being scheduled by JCP&L.”

Proebstle added that this was not part of the larger plan to upgrade the township’s street lights to LED fixtures, a long term cost-savings measure.  She said there is no schedule available on the larger project.

Photo by Heather Barone.