Police: Hoverboard Riding Door-to-Door Pest Salesmen Not Wanted in Howell


Resident Notification by Howell Police Department
No Solicitation Permit – Aptive Environmental aka Aptive Pest Removal

HOWELL-Over the past month we have received numerous complaints regarding solicitation by subjects on hover boards representing Aptive Pest Removal. They DO NOT have a solicitation permit issued by the township. The purpose of a solicitation permit is to vet the company and employees and to ensure compliance of our ordinance.

Despite the issuance of summonses, the company continues to use employees to solicit door-to-door sales and even ignore the no solicitation requests of residents. One employee, who received a second summons today admitted his manager advised him to continue to solicit.

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As such, the Chief of Police has issued a directive to the officers to locate these subjects in their patrol sectors and issue any appropriate summonses. In addition, action will be sought against the manager(s) and the company.

We encourage residents to contact us if they happen to see any of these subjects soliciting. Please call 732-938-4111.


Again, background checks have not been conducted on any of these workers. They outright ignore the required solicitation permit process. Be cautious of any information you give out and who you allow inside your house. A quick Internet search will reveal concerning information about this company.

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