Jonathan Petro: Toms River Will Not Be A Sanctuary City If I Become Mayor


TOMS RIVER-Although Toms River Democrats argued the syntax of a township resolution passed by Maurice Hill to reject sanctuary city status, they made it very clear, their objection was in reference to the broad scope and technical errors of the bill.  In the end, the vote was split down party lines, but one Democrat not in attendance, since he does not yet serve on the governing body made it clear, he will not support Governor Phil Murphy’s sanctuary city policy that makes it difficult for law enforcement officers to interface with federal immigration authorities when it comes to criminals.

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“If I am elected mayor, Toms River won’t be a sanctuary city,” Petro said.

A similar ordinance in Brick Township was passed by Democrats that was not as far-reaching as the proposed Toms River ordinance, which has been hailed as a victory for Petro’s opponent Maurice Hill.

Hill made it clear, he wants to completely shut out illegal immigrants from receiving any benefits or rights in America.

“Mo and his Republican colleagues took a stand against Governor Phil Muphy’s Sanctuary State polices, giving drivers licenses to and free college to undocumented illegal aliens,” Maurice Hill posted on his campaign website.  “Of course, the Toms River Democrats stood with Murphy and opposed the resolution offered after hearing from Leftists activists from Rahway, Morristown, Pine Beach, and Brick.”

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None of the Democrats on the current council, however, are running for re-election.