Mo Hill Explains His Football Nose Woes

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TOMS RIVER-Nobody asked, but Toms River Councilman felt compelled to tell his fans on his campaign website page why is nose is the way it is…no…really.

During his facebook live session last week, Mo revealed that his unique nose is the result of a football injury when he was a high school junior, his campaign page read.

“The doctor advised him that if he had surgery he would not be able to play football again. That was not OK with Mo, who went on to win the Ocean County Championship his senior and then went on to be a lineman for Rutgers,” it said.

According to Rutgers University, Hill joined the Rutgers team in 1966, where he was described as tiny by his coaches, “The smallest of freshman tackles.” Hill majored in biological sciences.  In 1967, tiny Mo was lauded for lifting weights and climbing from 195 to 215 pounds.   As a sophomore, he was plagued by a knee injury but made the team in his junior year as a guard.

In his senior year, according to Rutgers University, Mo was a “determined athlete” who was on the brink of playing regularly after his injury-plagued sophomore year and was moved from the offensive line to defensive tackle.