Drifting Sands Hotel Announces Name of Jersey Shore’s Newest Star

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The statewide contest to name the newest star of the Jersey Shore, an osprey featured in a two-story mural at the Drifting Sands Hotel, is over and her name is “LIBI.”

“After reviewing all of the submissions I chose ‘Libi’ because Drifting Sands Hotel and the mural are located right at the entry point to Long Beach Island, aka ‘LBI,’ which of course sounds like ‘Libi’ when you say it out loud,” said Evan Lovett, who painted the mural on August 9 and chose from over 250 submissions. “The mural honors all of the great work that the New Jersey Osprey Project has done, throughout New Jersey but especially on Long Beach Island, and naming its star Libi will help ensure that people associate it with osprey conservation.”

Some of the most popular, meaningful, and unique submissions included:

Amonce because “amoncellement” means “Drifting Sands” in French.
Arlington, Arlly, and Arlo due to the proximity of Arlington Beach.
3 Libbys to express Long Beach Island pride.
2 Big Bens in honor of Ben Wurst, Conserve Wildlife Foundation Habitat Restoration Manager
52 names starting with O including 4 Olivers, 8 Ollies, 1 Olly Olly Oxen Free, 8 Oscars, 5 Ossies, 4 Oswalds, and 8 Ozzys.
8 Sandys
Cookie, due to Man With A Plan actor Matt Cook growing up on Long Beach Island.
Dorland, for the Dorland J. Henderson Memorial Bridge and its namesake, who developed a first-of-its-kind bridge lighting system in 1958.
Sherry, in honor of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife of New Jersey author Sherry Liguori.
Piscatoris, which means “fisherman” in Latin.
Axle Rose, Fluffy Nugget, and Trubador.

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The winning submission came from Maureen Maleki, a resident of Burlington, New Jersey, who will enjoy a two-night stay at Drifting Sands in 2020.

The hotel will host a plaque dedication ceremony on October 11, before the 2019 Kite Festival.

“We have always been committed to protecting the environment and helping our community connect with it, so we’re proud to help promote the conservation of one of the East Coast’s most iconic birds through this amazing piece of artwork,” said Jack Burbage, co-owner of Blue Water Development, which owns and operates Drifting Sands. “We know the mural will generate a great deal of attention and support for the New Jersey Osprey Project, and we are excited to christen our special osprey with such a fitting name.”

To see the mural in person, visit Drifting Sands Hotel at 119 East 9th Street, Ship Bottom, NJ 08008.

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