Report: Kitten Beaten, Tortured in Lakewood, Sticks Shoved Up Rectum

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LAKEWOOD-You might remember the case of animal abuse against a raccoon in Lacey Township last year where two teenagers beat a trapped raccoon.   Now, there’s a report this week of a kitten beaten and tortured by boys in Lakewood.

Calling All Cats, a feline rescue said a kitten was brought to them after being rescued from abuse by school children.  A passing good samaritan rescued the kitten and brought it to the rescue after reporting the incident to the Lakewood Police Department.

“I’m seriously disgusted by the human race! Today we rescued this baby after a Good Samaritan in Lakewood found school children hurting this poor baby they were sticking sticks up his rectum and they damaged his jaw by tossing him around and kicking him,” Calling All Cats said. “They are so lucky I didn’t witness this myself or I would probably be in jail at this moment kids or not any person that can do something so horrible to an innocent animal deserves same done to them! I was told my The Good Samaritan that she did file a police report I am so mad this guy was examined by my boss today dr Cummings and if he doesn’t pass a stool by tomorrow we will have an X-ray done Dr behan at Barnegat animal clinic will examine him tomorrow. This poor kitten has been thru so much we at calling all cats will make sure we do everything to make sure he is safe for the rest of his life. You evil children I hope you rot in hell.”