Brick Township Council Meeting Erupts Into Partisan Bickering, Attacks

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BRICK TOWNSHIP-A recent meeting of the Brick Township Council saw tempers flare as tension between former Democrat Councilman James Fozman and his Democrat peers on the township council have apparently boiled over.

Fozman has been critical of the all-Democrat board since switching parties last year.   As he was criticizing current and former councilmembers and Mayor John Ducey on several issues and claimed a Department of Public Works employee tried to “intimidate him”.   Not knowing what it was about, Fozman said he approached Business Administrator Joanne Bergin.

“One your public workers is trying to, like, intimidate me here,” Fozman said.

He claimed Bergin said, “Well that’s the consequences of your actions.”

“Where are the consequences of the illegal dredging at Trader’s Cove,” Fozman asked. “Where are the consequences for the illegal dumping of sludge behind town hall and public works?  Where are the consequences for not having permits for those illegal actions?”

Brick Councilwoman Heather DeJong shot back at Fozman, “Tonight, there was a lot of talk and political grandstanding, political parties, how many registered voters, or whatever party you may be.”

“I can say for myself and some of us up here, party doesn’t matter,” she said. “It doesn’t matter if you’re Democrat or Republican.  What we do this for is for our residents, not just people who vote or to try to get a job after we’re done up here on council.”

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Fozman asked Council President Andrea Zapcic if he could respond to DeJong’s statement made during her council comment session, but was denied.

“No you cannot, you’ve had your comments,” Zapcic said. “You’re out of order Councilman Fozman.”

Fozman continued to argue his point with Zapcic.

He then continued to interrupt Councilman Mummolo’s public comment period.

“Councilman, you’re not recognized,” Mummolo said.

He then lashed out at Fozman.

“We’ve been called liberal Democrats and way far left here, but Councilman Fozman put out a letter stating that he felt he was out of the party but the councilman Tweets like [undeciperable] tweets.”

Mummolo said that despite Fozman’s party switch, he supported Governor Murphy’s $15 minimum wage,  Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, Stacey Abrams, LBGTQ pride, Murphys gun bill and more.

“Liking tweets is a show of support,” Mummolo said.  “This is well after you said you left the radical Democrat party, so your words mean nothing because you’ve proven yourself to be someone who is willing to say anything to get reelected.”

Fozman began bashing other members of the government for alleged public jobs.