Lakewood Police Confirm “Mickey” the Cat Recovering from Traumatic Injuries

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LAKEWOOD-Now named, Mickey, a cat rescued by good samaritans in  Lakewood is recovering from a broken rib and inflammation to the anus, confirming earlier reports that the cat was abused and objects were shoved into the cat’s anus.  That cat has been recovering and is being cared for by “Calling All Cats Recovery“.

“The Lakewood Police Department is investigating the allegation regarding the abuse of a kitten by local students,” Captain Gregory Staffordsmith said. “While we realize the frustration felt by many in the delay in updated information, however, the Lakewood Police Department makes every effort to gather and investigate facts so that we can make an informed and intelligent release in conjunction with conducting a thorough investigation.”

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Police said the event occurred four days ago.  “Prior to the discovery she observed what she believe to be a group of younger boys gathered around the kitten. Fearing that the group was actively engaged in harming the young animal she ran towards them causing them to scatter,” Staffordsmith said. “Upon returning to the area, another woman was with the kitten. After a brief discussion one of the samaritans decided that they would harbor the injured kitten while the other stated that they would contact the police. ”

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After nursing the kitten, who has been renamed by the Samaritan as “Mickey”, for several days she decided to contact the local rescue group Calling All Cats for further assistance.  Further investigation revealed that Rescuer Sara Cameron was tending to Mickey pending a complete examination by Dr. Behan of the Barnegat Animal Clinic.

“Our foster just got home from Barnaget Animal Clinic. Dr Behan did a full exam with x-rays and blood work. Mickey has a cracked rib, a hernia, and thankfully only external damage around his rectum. He couldn’t tell if the jaw was broken by the X-ray because it’s a hard X-ray to take on a kitten while they are not sedated, but he doesn’t think his jaw is damaged. He believes the damage where his bottom lip is detached from his gum will heal. He received a shot of pain meds and he wants him started on clavamox,” the recovery said. “His white blood count was slightly elevated and when he poops he passes blood so we are keeping a close eye on that. Other than that, Dr. Behan feels with some TLC he will make a full recovery. When he is bigger and stronger he will have his hernia repaired and he will be neutered. Dr. Behan had many patients waiting for him so he will he sending me his X-rays and report as soon as he is able which will then be sent to the Lakewood Police Department. I spoke with the Good Samaritan today and she spoke with the detectives. They called her this morning around 10 am and she told them everything. I truly hope justice is served. I want to thank everyone for your support and for all the donations. We couldn’t do what we do without the support from our followers and community.”

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“Efforts were made throughout the day to discuss Mickeys condition, however, his appointment wasn’t until late this afternoon.  Just a short time ago Dr. Behan confirmed that Mickey did suffer from a broken rib and irritation to his anus. However, he is expected to make a full recovery. This investigation is active and ongoing. Anyone with information regrading the incident or the identity of the second Samaritan is urged to contact the Lakewood Police Department at 732-363-0200.