New Jersey Man Sues After Being Assaulted for Wearing MAGA Hat

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NEW YORK, NY-Jahangir Turan, 42, of Hoboken has sued the organizer of an art pop-up event and a building landlord after being brutally beaten this past July just for wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat.

Turan said the building owner and event organizer shared responsibility for the attack for serving his attackers alcohol during the event.

Although the attackers have not yet been identified, Turan said the defendants were directly responsible for operating an event and serving alcohol without an appropriate license.

After knocking off his MAGA hat, Turan’s attackers smashed his head and face into a metal scaffolding and he suffered a fractured eye socket.

“I’m broke. I’m an artist hardly surviving in New York,” Artist Anna Boda said. “I don’t know what happened — I don’t know these people. They were a bunch of skater kids who had nothing to do with me, and they all refused to say who was responsible because they were loyal to each other.”

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