Cops Horrified, Disgusted at Grisly, Crime Scene, a Reminder to Officers of Dangers of the Job

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GUILFORD, CT-The Guilford Police Department in Connecticut has called for an “All-Hands” investigation after a shocking crime scene that sent chills down the spines of police officers nationwide.

“Tonight officers responded to a call that would shock the conscience of anyone in law enforcement… it is almost too much for us to post about,” the department said in a release. “First patrol car onscene immediately recognized the dozens of victims… well over a baker’s dozen…”

Police here said a call was received about illegal dumping at the intersection of Fair St and Broad St.

“The scene was immediately secured with crime scene tape and all traffic was diverted,” the department said. “It was clear there were no survivors…”

According to a report by the department.  The second officer arrived and he noticed the tiny munchkins who had also perished on the side of the road… a devastating loss…As we consoled each other… a third officer arrived to help with crime scene processing…. the road was sprinkled with remnants of sugar and spice and everything tasty.  ahem, we mean the road was littered with the horror that was abandoned and callously discarded by the roadside.

“As the night progressed we were able to pull it together and develop a possible motive and potential suspects…. it was tough though,” the department said. “It’s not everyday we have to take these types of cases, but when we do, we appreciate the community support and compassion that you all show.”

Later, it was reported that evidence-tampering may have occurred while officers investigated the crime scene.