Ortley Beach Residents want to Secede From Toms River; Hill Says Annex Lavallette Instead

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ORTLEY BEACH-Some residents in Ortley Beach, which is part of Toms River Township want their part of the beachfront community to secede from the mainland and become part of the neighboring town of Lavallette.   A letter by the residents was sent to Lavallette Mayor Walter LaCicero regarding their intent.

According to Shorebeat, the following parts of Ortley Beach would become part of Lavallette if the secession movement were to succeed.

  • The south side of Brinley Avenue.
  • The south and north sides of Haag Avenue.
  • Both sides of Bay Boulevard between Brinley and Haag avenues.
  • The south side of Trenton Avenue between Baltimore and Washington avenues.
  • Washington Avenue between Brinley and Haag avenues.

Maurice Hill, a candidate for Mayor in Toms River said not so fast.  Instead, Hill said, if anything Toms River should annex Lavallette.

“It’s critical that we spent a lot of money rebuilding Ortley Beach and I hope they would consider to remain a part of Toms River,” Hill said. “My attitude is Lavallette is surrounded by Toms River and if we’re going to talk about consolidation, perhaps Lavallette should become part of Toms River.”


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