NJ Man Who Was Denied Sex With Farm Animals Booby Trapped Farmers’ Driveways

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Cow. A beautiful cow in a green field or pasture. Milk Cow outside on a farm.

VERNON-Richard Decker, 31 of Vernon was charged after police say he began harassing local farmers after they turned down his request to have sex with their farm animals.  Police say after being rejected, Decker sprinkled metal tire deflating devices in the driveways of the farmers who denied him his thrills with their livestock.

Decker is now facing 22 charges from multiple jurisdictions dating back to August of 2018.

If giving the farmers flat tires wasn’t enough, Decker left negative reviews about their businesses.

Police said Decker would contact farmers by email to request sexual relationships with farm animals, preferring horses and cows.

They also claim to have found explosive making materials and an illegal self-manufactured .22 caliber firearm at his residence.   The complaint also alleges Decker threatened to beat a woman with a wooden stick after being denied sexual favors with her farm animals.

The judge did not let Decker out of jail, claiming he posed a risk to the community.